College Dropout Runs 6 Figure Amazon FBA Business From Home

Find out more about the new age businessman Leon Vartanian

Leon Vartanian is a Los Angeles-based Amazon FBA entrepreneur who is generating six-figures through his Amazon FBA business. He has learned the art of selling online and has seen immense growth within a short period of time. He also imparts his entrepreneurial wisdom to fellow entrepreneurs through his 1on1 Amazon FBA Coaching. Currently, Leon is in the process of launching a Walmart store and setting up Walmart automation.

The Dream

As a kid, Leon always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. He never liked school and struggled a lot in school throughout his childhood. Leon somehow managed to get by. However, in college, he reached his breaking point and dropped out of college. Leon worked to build capital for his business endeavors, and so he worked as a Mcdonald’s cashier at first, and then went into car sales. He then wanted to be successful and dreamt of owning luxury cars like Lamborghini and Porsche. He knew he had to become an entrepreneur to afford the luxury he desired.

Leon Vartanian has been selling products on eBay & Shopify since 2018. However, Leon never liked building a brand of products,  advertising, or handling the entire process manually. All of this is easier to handle through Amazon’s FBA, which is why he later went on to sell through FBA in Q4 of 2019.

Over the years, Leon experimented and applied various strategies to make his business successful. He was able to navigate his way around every problem that came his way. Through this time, Leon realized that he could also help fellow entrepreneurs to generate better revenues. It led to the start of 1on1 Amazon FBA Coaching. Today Leon has over 25 clients in his mentorship program.

Leon says, “My method on Amazon is the most efficient one and easiest to implement for anyone without any e-commerce experience. I care about changing the lives of people when they work together with me. I am not into this just to receive another paycheck.”

While the pandemic impacted a lot of businesses negatively, it was a boom for Leon’s business. According to, a staggering 97,966 businesses have permanently shut down during the pandemic in 2020. Online sales grew substantially during the past year as almost everybody was home and had to order online. It also brought attention to the online selling model and made people realize how efficient it was.

Inspiration And Aspiration

Leon wants to make people realize that there are no limits to the success they can have in a lifetime. He wants to remove people’s mental barriers and make them understand that they can achieve anything, if they put their blood, sweat, and tears into it. He says, “People can reach out to me to make an income online, and I will ensure them a great experience.”

Over the next five years, Leon is aiming to scale his business to seven figures. He aspires to help more people and plans to mentor over five hundred clients through his 1on1 Amazon FBA Coaching. He is also working towards creating a $1M real estate portfolio.

Leon documents his journey over Instagram. You can follow him on the platform and learn about his genius up close.