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About Us

VARTANIAN CAPITAL LLC provides professional services for Amazon FBA where no experience is required to implement the strategies in order to grow your E-Commerce Business. With the selling services from VARTANIAN CAPITAL, you can be the boss from learning the high-income self-employed strategies we enlighten our clients with. Choose when you want to work with your own schedule. Whether you choose to learn the skills yourself or have our team do the work for you, your business is kept busy to ensure success.




Why Clients Love Us

“I found them very helpful, professional and hard working. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a push in the right direction... or if you need some time off and want to leave your business in the right hands.”

Aracelis Depena

Why Clients Love Us

“The VARTANIAN CAPITAL team is amazing. I have been working with them for several months and they are very knowledgeable in the E-Commerce world. They are taking my business to new heights! Could not do it without them.”

Tom Novak

Why Clients Love Us

"Most definitely am thankful to have found Leon at Vartanian Capital. Wouldn't be able to do it without his help! I feel comfortable with him as a mentor and recommend him to anyone looking to sell online!"

Stephanie Brooklyn

Why Clients Love Us

"Leon is the GOAT! He helped me with everything I needed to know about selling on Amazon the right way and now am more than happy with my online income I am now self employed with and enjoy being able to work on my own schedule as my own boss!"

Yavonda Birmingham

Why Clients Love Us

"I just want to say thank you to Leon from Vartanian Capital because without his help I don't think I would even think about selling on Amazon. It was worth every penny investing into these great people who care about changing peoples lives for the better.

Calrin Xavier

Why Clients Love Us

Leon is a great and hard-working person who truly cares about people that wants everyone to be better in their own lives. I've been with him for a while and he has really helped me push my business numbers up. It's a great experience working with a person who understands what he's doing in the first place.

Alan Zakhodin

Why Clients Love Us

I’ve been working with Leon and still continue to work with him and he has been nothing but helpful. Whenever I have a question, he gets back to me within a timely manner and helps me to the best of his ability.

Caitlyn White

Why Clients Love Us

I work with Leon Vartanian he is my coach my mentor and he has helped me a lot. He is always checking up on you to check your progress but if you don’t put the work nothing is gonna actually happend. Hard work pays off always. Thanks Leon for the opportunity  I’m glad you are my mentor on my new business journey.

Carlos Cabrera Marrero

Why Clients Love Us

I’ve worked with Leon for probably half a year now. He is there when you need him.

Brian Jerz

Why Clients Love Us

 Leon has been very Helpful and clear.
He walked me through every step regarding Amazon wholesale. And I’m pretty sure if I need anything or have question about anything regarding Amazon, he won’t hesitate to answer me! His mentorship was worth it and I would recommend everyone to work with him!

Khalid Isaac

Why Clients Love Us

Hello everyone  I just want to say that Leon is a great mentor. He has always been helpful with every question I’ve had not only that but as well he checks up on me every time and I’m sure he is like that with his other students.

Peter Madrigal

Why Clients Love Us

Leon has been nothing but helpful. I’ve been with him since the beginning of the year. He teaches and answers the questions he knows. He’s been nothing but an excellent mentor. Consistent on updating us and making sure we are taken care of DAILY.

Kyle Rundle Jr

Why Clients Love Us

Leon has been great with me since I started Amazon FBA. If I have any questions he will always be there to help and always makes sure I’m doing the right thing. There is times I didn’t understand something and he explained it well to me.

Rad Vasilev

Why Clients Love Us

Leon Vartanian is a great Mentor.

Harry Ruan

Why Clients Love Us

Leon is a great mentor. If anything he takes the time to make sure you understand how to contact suppliers and manage your business.. most people will charge wayy more then what paid and just give u basic info. My recent success was boosted because of Leon Vartanian. If u need help or a deeper insight on something, he always helps.

Cody Mitchell

Why Clients Love Us

If anyone needs a mentor Leon Vartanian Is great! He cares about his students, and pushes you to do better! If it was not for him I would not be as far as I am now! And if I need help, I know I can count on him.

Ruth White

Why Clients Love Us

I work with Leon, and he walked me through the research, and tools I should have to evaluate good products, and is constantly reaching out to check my progress, even outside our coaching calls... I wish I could do this faster but I have time constraints, which is not Leons fault.. He has just the right touch of encouraging toughness to keep pushing me along.

Sheila Peach

Why Clients Love Us

Leon literally gives you every tool to be successful!

Shaunt Printsian

Why Clients Love Us

 Leon literally walked me through EVERYTHING step by step 

Ivan Printsian

Why Clients Love Us

I've started with Leon and he is a great mentor. Explains everything in detail, answers all the questions and has given me a clear direction. No issues at all.

Saeff Suhaili


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