Learn from Leon on How to Make Money Selling on Amazon

Learn from Leon on How to Make Money Selling on Amazon

The advent of technology has brought about countless ways to establish a business by utilizing the digital space. Online businesses have continued to thrive throughout the years, even surviving the massive fallout of the global pandemic. While most of the old-fashioned businesses closed down, the markets sank, and stocks hit rock bottom, online businesses continued to bloom, which is why Leon Vartanian hopes to teach other individuals to get into Amazon FBA, an online business platform that’s as convenient as it is lucrative.

FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon, a smart way of doing business in these trying times. It is a method of selling products where Amazon will ship every single order and take care of other tasks such as customer service, so business owners don’t have to. Whichever item it is, businesses can send it to Amazon warehouses which will be stored in their fulfillment centers for when it gets ordered.

When Amazon receives the product, business owners can monitor it through their convenient and intuitive tracking system. The FBA system has been in place since 2006, and Amazon has been consistently trying to uplift small businesses to start their hassle-free service through Amazon’s customer support and trust. In fact, despite the global pandemic ravaging the business industry as a whole, the sales of platforms like Amazon went through the roof instead.

Enter Leon Vartanian, a college dropout who consistently makes six figures on Amazon today through his breadth of knowledge and experience. He initially dove into his online business journey in the fourth quarter of 2018 by selling on eBay and Shopify. Initially, his business strategy wasn’t as efficient as Amazon FBA since he had to advertise and fulfill orders manually. 

He eventually realized that he had to be more efficient, hence without wasting much time, he started his business on Amazon in the third and fourth quarters of 2019. Since then, Leon has been scaling his business and coaching other individuals on how to start their own. With the breadth of his expertise, Leon has successfully coached over twenty clients on how to start their FBA business.

His success has always been rooted in his motivation. Leon saw people selling online from the comfort of their own homes and drew inspiration from the fact that he knew he could do that as well. Drawing from his own inspirational roots, Leon hopes to inspire the clients that he coaches with the fact that there are no limits for mentally strong individuals who want to put their blood, sweat, and tears into whatever they want to do. 

Leon is a testament to the fact that hard work truly does pay off. He has an optimistic approach when it comes to making money and being his own boss. He is a fearless man who has successfully generated income online and now hopes to bring his skills and expertise to other people of the same ilk.

The thriving entrepreneur believes that whoever works with him will acquire a growth mindset and learn things efficiently. With that in mind, Leon Vartanian aims to coach more than 500 clients in the next five years and help them generate income through FBA. He also wants to scale his business to seven figures and build a $1 million real estate portfolio. He is extremely determined on his entrepreneurial journey, and there are only great things ahead for the young maverick entrepreneur.