Leon Vartanian – Health is Wealth

Leon Vartanian – Health is Wealth

Join E-commerce From Anywhere, Like Leon Vartanian, Leon Vartanian shares how online business has changed his life for good.
Leon Vartanian
Leon Vartanian

There was no country in the world that was not impacted by Covid-19. Over 97K businesses were shut during the pandemic. 2020 has been a year that proved to people that everything could be done online. There were industries that defied they could ever provide work from home for their employees, well, what do they say now?

Honestly, 2020 has been a year that boosted the e-commerce industry. Many people who lost their jobs started their online businesses. It became necessary. But there were people who knew that this might be the future of the world. Entrepreneur, Leon Vartanian, is one such personality who started his online business in 2018, and in 2020 earned more than ever.

Leon Vartanian started his journey from Shopify but he knew he had to scale his online business, hence, he chose Amazon FBA. Today, he is scaling his business to Walmart. He is in the middle of opening a Walmart store. All of this progress in 3 years, and this is what he has to share from his experience!

  1. Starting an online business like FBA can provide you with freedom. When you start a business with FBA, you get the freedom to choose the products you want to sell, the buyers you want to deal with, and the price you want to sell it at. There is no end to this freedom of choice. Since the business model is entirely online, you can choose to make the required changes as and when required.
  2. No need for owning any space for inventory. Most businesses see a dead-end because they fail to generate profit. The investment in office, human resources, and other materialistic objects is too high that the profit generated becomes low. So if you’ve minimized the investment cost, obviously, the profit will be more, which in this case, it is.
  3. Another benefit of selling online is that there is no end to the scalability of your business. You can start from zero and scale your business to the sky. There is no limit to that. Amazon has got billions of users and you never know what is the extent of your business.
  4. Be open to challenges. Just because FBA has got endless benefits doesn’t mean there won’t be any challenges. Every business has some hurdles, there might be some dead ends but none of this means that one should not try. The hurdles are the commas in a sentence. They are not the full-stop. One just needs to overcome those and get on with their work.
  5. E-commerce has stayed in the world for a long time and it is not going anywhere. The online market is the new space for businessmen with huge potential. Consumers have become accustomed to making online purchases. As an individual, if you want to experiment with your business skills, FBA is the right way to approach. You will learn a lot while keeping the investment low.

Leon and his employees were safe throughout the Covid-19 situation. They spent time with their families and were impacted positively by the market last year. But to be in such a bulletproof business model, one needs to have the attitude of never giving up. For the people with this mindset, even the sky isn’t the limit. For a consultation call, get in touch with Leon Vartanian!