Leon Vartanian Is Mentoring Individuals For Financial Success

Helping entrepreneurs earn through online selling which is the new generation financial skill!

Leon Vartanian is an Amazon FBA seller earning six figures through his business. He also mentors upcoming entrepreneurs through his 1on1 Amazon FBA Coaching. Currently, Leon mentors over 20 people under his mentorship program. He is also the founder of Vartanian Capital LLC, a company that provides business services for Amazon and Walmart.

Becoming A Mentor

Leon Vartanian, a 6-figure entrepreneur, started by selling products on eBay & Shopify in late 2018. However, Leon never liked building a brand of products, advertising, or manually fulfilling any orders. All of this isn’t a problem when selling  through Amazon’s FBA program, which is why he later went on to sell through FBA in 2019.

He always believed in the power of e-commerce and his belief was reinstated during the pandemic. According to yelp.com, a staggering 97,966 businesses have permanently shut down during the pandemic in 2020. However, Leon surpassed his revenue records of all time in 2020 as his business is online.

Being very straightforward in his outlook toward life and business, he conveys the same to his clients. He wants to help people attain financial freedom and ensures to help people who are motivated to bring in the results. Leon says, “Mentorship is a team effort where not only the coach but the student has to apply the lessons to the tasks at hand.”

Leon experimented with multiple strategies to make his business a success. This experimentation has provided him with great insight into the platform and made him an expert. Leon often shares his learnings on Instagram. He has also amassed a following of 10K+ users on the social media platform.

Not An Easy Journey

Leon Vartanian was not a great student in school. He actually despised his school life and wanted to get out as fast as he could. Leon finally got fed up with the education system in college and dropped out of it 2 years into community college. As a kid, Leon always dreamt of becoming a businessman and owning fancy cars, specifically Porsche’s, his favorite. He decided to take the risk after dropping out of college.

However, it was not an easy ride for him. He has to spend hours learning the mechanics of online selling and figuring things out on his own. It pushed him to guide people who were struggling with the same. When asked what he loves the most about his job, Leon said, “Being my own boss and making all of the decisions in my life, as well as showing people how to make an income online.”

He wants to be known as someone who is fearless and hard working. He wants to make people realize the power of consistent hard work and hopes to inspire others through his actions. Leon Vartanian lives by the quote, “Never lose focus on your goal and never give up”. It is one of the reasons for his success. He is growing his business to generate bigger and better results. He is expanding his team and aims to help five hundred people through his mentorship program. Leon provides a free fifteen-minute Zoom chat to upcoming FBA sellers. You can reach out to him through his Instagram if you are in the process of becoming an online seller. For more guidance with his expertise, get in touch!